Research Group of Prof. Greg Jackson
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
University of Maryland, College Park




Lab Members

Dr. Jackson





At the University of Maryland, researchers in our group and Center for Fuel Cell Research have been pursuing a wide array of innovative research in the following areas:

·        catalytic oxidation for combustion and hydrogen production applications

·        solid oxide fuel cells – electrocatalysis and integrated systems

·        PEM fuel cells – electrocatalysis

·        fuel cell system integration

Our research focuses on utilizing fundamental experiments to develop and validate sophisticated computer models which will serve as design tools for advanced energy conversion systems used in the transportation or power generation industry.  Fundamental experiments rely on analytical techniques including mass spectroscopy, temperature-programmed reactors, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis, surface spectroscopy, and other tools for providing quantitative data for validating underlying physical and chemical submodels.  These submodels are integrated into higher-level component and system models for Much of this work is carried out in collaboration with colleagues in the Engineering College and the Dept. of Chemistry and Much of this work is carried out in collaboration with colleagues in the Engineering College and the Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Maryland as well as with colleagues at other universities and at government laboratories.  Current development efforts include models for catalytic combustion, high temperature solid oxide fuel cells, dynamic premixed flames, and thermoelectric power generators.  Results from this work have been presented in numerous archival publications, conference papers, and reports to both government and industrial sponsors.  Our desire is to pursue research that will make energy technology more efficient, cleaner, and safer.

Our group is part of the Center for Environmental Energy Engineering and the University of Maryland Energy Research Center, which includes research in a broad range of topics related to alternative energy generation, storage, and environmentally sound energy usage.


Temperature Distribution in Half of Catalytic Combustor Channel with Top Surface being Catalytic Wall



Highly Strained Premixed Methane/Hydrogen Counterflow Flame



University of Maryland Fuel-Cell-Powered Bus



Microfabricated SOFC Patterned Anode MEA