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Bar-Cohen Delivers Southwest Mechanics Lecture

Bar-Cohen Delivers Southwest Mechanics Lecture

Professor and Chair of Mechanical Engineering Avram Bar-Cohen, is one of the five 2004/2005 lecturers selected to participate in the prestigious Southwest Mechanics Lecture Series (SWMLS). Earlier this month he traveled to the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma, and at Oklahoma State in Stillwater, Oklahoma to address the challenges and opportunities in the thermal management of nano electronics. In the course of the lecture he described the emergence of on-chip “hot spots” as a driver for thermal packaging in the next decade, explored innovative thermal control techniques, and discussed the research needed to provide adequate cooling for the nano electronic devices soon to be available. In the spring of 2005 he will be visiting the University of Houston and UT- Arlington to complete his participation in the Lecture Series.

For the past 35 years the Southwest Mechanics Lecture Series has been sponsored by the leading universities in the region. The current SWMLS is hosted by Oklahoma State University, Southern Methodist University, Texas A&M University, Tulane University, University of Houston, University of Oklahoma, University of Texas – Arlington, and the University of Texas – Austin and includes lectures dealing with Fluid/Thermal Sciences, Dynamics/Controls, Solid Mechanics, and Biomechanics.

Professor Bar-Cohen is the first Maryland lecturer in nearly 30 years to participate in the SWMLS. Past speakers from the University of Maryland include A. J. Durelli, Experimental Mechanics (1968 – ‘69), J.W. Dally, Experimental Mechanics (1969 – ‘70), and Lawrence Payne, Applied Mathematics (1974 – ‘75).

October 15, 2004

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