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PTC and Motorola Sponsor Design Competition

PTC and Motorola Sponsor Design Competition

Design Subject:

Use Pro/ENGINEER to create the future of Motorola's Cellular Communication Devices

Design Requirement:

The device must be a clamshell shape with an innovative hinge

This hinge concept should work equally well for a cell phone or for a device with a QWERTY board

The device should have an open/close mechanism that holds the unit closed and at a readable open position

There should be a means of routing circuitry between the two halves of the device

The device should have a minimum of 24 lines that can survive 100k cycles of opening and closing the unit

Team Format:

Students must form teams of at least 2 but no more than 4 to work together to solve the design problem. (There is no limit on the number of teams from the same college or university that enter the competition)


Four (4) winning teams will be selected. Each of the four winning teams will receive the following:

1. A weekend trip (Thursday through Sunday) and Awards Ceremony (Destination of the trip TBD)

2. $500 gift certificate for each team member

3. Cool Motorola Communications Devices

4. Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/MECHANICA Student Editions

5. In addition, the team that wins "Best Overall Design" will receive a bonus $10,000 cash prize!


NOW to February 1, 2002

For more information:

contact Dr. Guangming Zhang

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering



January 28, 2002

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