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New Course | ENME 808: Batteries - Operation, Modeling and Reliability

New Course | ENME 808: Batteries - Operation, Modeling and Reliability

Batteries are widely used as the power supplies for products ranging from consumer electronics to transportation applications. Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries are becoming a mainstream battery choice for these products because of their high energy density and long lifetime. Despite quality control and assurance, standardized industry safety testing, and over 25 years of manufacturing experience, Li-ion battery-powered systems still suffer from the risk of battery safety incidents and unexpected short life because of its complex physio-chemical nature. Knowledge of the battery testing, operation, mechanisms, modeling, and system management is required for developing a reliable battery-powered product. This course will educate students faced with challenges on testing, monitoring, managing lithium-ion batteries in the field and aim to bridge battery science and field applications.

CLASS TIME 9:30-10:45AM on Tuesday and Thursday (US Eastern) in Room 3102, Martin Hall (Building 088). The class is open to graduate students, upper-level undergraduate students, and industry professionals.


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