Mechanical Engineering

Visiting Committee

Current Visiting Committee Members

Dr. George E. Dieter

Emeritus Professor
Glenn L. Martin Institute
Professor of Engineering
University of Maryland
College Park, MD

Dr. Howard H. Harary

Engineering Laboratory at NIST
Gaithersburg, MD

Steve Hogan
Mr. Steve Hogan (B.S. '85)

Vice President Global Sustainment, Technical Services
Northrop Grumman

Maria Korsnick
Ms. Maria Korsnick
(B.S. Nuclear Engineering '86)

Chief Operating Officer
Nuclear Energy Institute

Mr. Charley Kilmain
(B.S. '85)

Repair Strategy Lead - CSS
Bell Helicopter
Textron Inc.
Fort Worth, TX

Mr. G. Lee Lushbaugh, Jr.
(B.S. '74)

Senior Vice President and
Execution Unit Manager
Bechtel Power Corporation

Ms. Nancy Margolis
(M.S. '81)

Columbia, MD

Mr. Thomas (T.G.) Marsden
(B.S. '87)

Vice President
Automotive Products
Bowles Fluidics Corporation
Columbia, MD

Mr. Michael W. Miller
(B.S. '79, M.S. '84)

Chief Technology Officer
Genesis Engineering Solutions Lanham, MD

Sheila Mortazavi
Ms. Sheila Mortazavi
(B.S. '95)

Kenyon & Kenyon

Hratch Semerjian
Dr. Hratch Semerjian

Visiting Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Maryland

Alex Severinsky
Dr. Alex Severinsky, P.E.

Fuelcor LLC
Chevy Chase, MD

Ms. Susan H. Skemp

Executive Director
Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center
Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton, FL

Mr. Tom Stricker
(B.S. '89, Electrical Engineering)

Vice President
Technical & Regulatory
Affairs and Energy &
Environmental Research
Toyota Motor
North America, Inc.
Washington, DC

Toniann Thomas
Ms. ToniAnn Thomas
(B.S. '82)

Partner with IBM Global Business Services, Public Sector and Commercial Healthcare

Dr. Kon-Well Wang

Tim Maganello/Borg Warner Department Chair
Stephen P. Timoshenko Collegiate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
University of Michigan

Ward Winer
Dr. Ward O. Winer, P.E.

Regents Professor Emeritus
Georgia Institute of Technology

Manola Zunigo
Mr. Manolo Zuniga
(B.S. '83)

(Manuel Pablo Zúñiga-Pflücker)
President & Chief Executive Officer
PetroTal LLC

Emeritus Visiting Committee Members

Dr. Arthur Bergles

Glenn L. Martin Institute Professor of Engineering
University of Maryland

Mr. Aris Cleanthous

Engineering Manager
DEWALT Power Tools
Towson, MD

Mr. John Miller

Former Director
U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Adelphi, MD

Mr. Sheldon Shapiro

Chief Executive Officer
Shapiro & Duncan, Inc.
Rockville, MD